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Jungle Scout
I love using Jungle Scout and I think it’s the most powerful software for Amazon sellers. Whether you’re just starting to do product research or your product has already launched on Amazon, Jungle Scout has a suite of tools that will help grow and optimize your business. If you’re looking for a more user-friendly software, then this is it!
Helium 10
Another incredible software for Amazon sellers to help grow and optimize your business. Helium 10 may be a better option for someone who loves to dive into analytics and spreadsheets as they offer lots of data points. Some say that Jungle Scout is like Apple and Helium 10 is like Android, everyone has their own preference.
Payability Instant Access
When someone places an order for your product on Amazon you won’t get paid out for 3 weeks. That’s where Payability’s Instant Access comes in, they help you get paid faster. They pay you for your previous day’s sales so you have money coming in every day to grow and scale your business faster.
Need a logo? Need product packaging design? Need someone to do a voiceover for your video? Need a lawyer to help with your trademark? Fiverr has you covered! I’ve been using Fiverr since the get-go. Find talent to get almost any job done at a very reasonable price.
Fund & Grow
Are you looking to fund and grow your business? Fund&Grow can help you obtain low-interest business credit lines that do not appear on your personal credit report. There are no restrictions; you can use the credit lines for any business or real estate investing need. Thus far, this company has provided my followers with over $353,400 in credit!

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